Wednesday , March 3 2021
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Princess of Spain Facing Tax Fraud Allegations


Princess of Spain, Cristina de Borbon may face up to 4 years in prison if convicted of tax fraud. Both the princess and her husband, Olympic gold medalist, Inaki Urdangarin will soon stand trial for tax fraud and money laundering. Urdangarin, who also faces charges of embezzling, breach of legal …

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Obama Net Neutrality Plan Revealed

John Oliver describes net neutrality.

In January of this year, the FCC openly asked for public comment about plans to “fix” the Internet and over 4 million public comments have been submitted since then. The response reinforced the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit decision to strike down the FCC’s proposed internet rules, …

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Is Hobby Lobby a Person With Religious Rights?

In a case that could strike a blow against the Affordable Care Act and embolden religious liberty proponents the Supreme Court must decide if for-profit corporations are entitled to the right to exercise religion. The Hobby Lobby case, named after the corporate plaintiff, involves a for-profit corporation suing the Administration …

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The FCC’s Fights to Maintain Net Neutrality

You may have heard by now that certain broadband service providers are trying to increase their profits by charging more from websites with a lot of streaming content. However, the Federal Communications Commission– along with a variety of different consumer advocate groups– are devoted to preventing such commercialization of the …

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The Best Investment Options in 2014

2014 Best Stocks

Frank Stafford Earlier this month, USA TODAY went inside Wall Street to glean some insightful financial information for the coming year from some of the nation’s top investment strategists/mangers. Called “USA TODAY’s Investment Roundtable”, the annual panel is an hours-long discussion about analysis and speculation concerning the markets in the …

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