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8 Methods for Using your Company Website for Market Research

8 Methods for Using your Company Website for Market Research

An organization’s website can be much more than informing consumers about offerings. It can be used as market research engine that will drive business ahead and make products/services more renowned and effective. Here are some ideas as to how to make a website interactive and beneficial for conducting surveys and collecting information.

1. Online Questionnaires

To understand the reaction of audience to your offering, you can encourage website visitors to take sometime in answering few questions. This will help run a survey on mass scale and give you valuable insight into consumers’ perception. Make sure that the questionnaire is not too long and maintains an engaging tone. Focus on important points that need answers, and drop a courteous note to the respondents later.

2. Pop Up Advertisements

Do you like being taken by a surprise? Well, not always, not if it is undesired or monotonous. This thinking can extend to pop up advertisements on a website. If these are timed and structured well, with benefit attached, then it can attract visitors. However, if too distracting and meaningless, it will create negative impact. With such advertisements, you can create a customer base and analyze behavior of old consumers.

3. Registration Form

A company’s online site will surely have a sign up form. This can be related to becoming a member of the website or signing up to email list or products etc. For e.g. your organization is launching a new product, and asking those interested to fill a form for free sample. If a greater number of people respond, you can get their contact list prepared and approach them for further market research.

4. Response Feed

You may have come across many websites that have something called as ‘RSS Feed’. This is Rich Site Summary, and helpful for readers. On activating RSS feed, the users can stay updated with latest happening and gain access to materials they are interested in. Keeping a track of their activities will assist in knowing audience choices and what they want for present and future.

5. Customized Search Field

Putting a search field on your website that leads to customized results is important not only form the point of research but knowing what consumers are looking for. For e.g. your company have several services. But, a person always chooses a combination of two or three of them. Then, you can contact that person and see how they would rate those services or what they do not like about other ‘not chosen’ services.

6. Audience Feedback

A section on every offering for customers’ feedback should be added to the website. This is a free way of getting informative market research reports without putting in much effort. Audience can simply drop in their reviews and comments and you can go through them to formulate compact business policies or alterations to the same. Some company’s even allow customers to directly contact the bigwigs of the industry in narrating their feedback. This makes audience feel more connected to the business.

7. Social Media Connect

Do not forget to add social media channels to the website. Most of the people today communicate over social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress blog etc. If a greater number of audiences connect to such channels, then you can introduce them to social campaigns, models, and interesting offers and discounts on the offerings. It is possible to involve visitors into opinion polls, podcasts, broadcasts, voting meters, internet sampling and a lot more.

8. Instant Customer Service

Let website visitors share their experience of queries via live chat or toll free number. An instant customer service can act as a great tool for market and industry research. Consumers can confide spontaneously, which will aid in getting a grip over their observations. Moreover, such a feature will develop your business as at any point of time the audience may like to enquire about a purchase or would display eagerness for attaining a service/product etc.

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