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Best Investments in 2014 - Stock Market News | Invest-Smart
Sunday , October 1 2023
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2014 Best Stocks

The Best Investment Options in 2014

Earlier this month, USA TODAY went inside Wall Street to glean some insightful financial information for the coming year from some of the nation’s top investment strategists/mangers. Called “USA TODAY’s Investment Roundtable”, the annual panel is an hours-long discussion about analysis and speculation concerning the markets in the coming year. Most importantly, however, these Wall Street juggernauts talk about the best ways that investors can start, protect and expand their portfolios.

Each top strategist pointed out his or her most promising companies for 2014, creating a list of 25 outstanding opportunities for investors to grow their portfolios. Below are some of Invest-Smart’s picks of those 25 that could be excellent buys in the future. All pricing estimates are based on the end of close on 12/13/2013.


Apple (AAPL)

AAPL: $554.43

While the post-Jobs era hasn’t been as prolific or profitable for the iconic electronic manufacturer, Apple is still showing plenty of growth. At roughly $550 a share, stock in Apple isn’t exorbitantly priced, and the ever-growing market for mobile technology makes money in this company a pretty safe bet.

Google (GOOG)

GOOG: $1060.79

A hefty $1000+ price tag on a Google share signals both previous and potentially future success from the internet enterprise. With paid search booming (many would argue, by Google’s own design), and a healthy flow of fresh mobile search traffic, Google’s growing revenue stream should maintain its stock market momentum. While the cost-of-entry might be high, a reasonable return should be in store for Google shareholders.


CBS: $58.42

The booming network responsible for beloved programming like How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory could be gobbling up 20-30% of its outstanding shares over the next 24 months. With consistently strong revenue, a bit of spending with investors in mind could mean a handsome revenue growth for the station – some analysts have even predicted an earnings growth of up to 50% by 2015. Shares hover just below an affordable $60.


Lifepoint Hospitals (LPNT)

LPNT: $50.70

Strategists predict plenty of healthy organic growth for these hospitals, especially in the wake of the national healthcare reform. Strategic surplus management and timely deployments of extra cash will let Lifepoint reclaim shares or assimilate new companies. With a below-market Private Equity, a significant revenue increase could be in store for Lifepoint; investors have no reason to overlook these $50 shares.

Qualcomm (QCOM)

QCOM: $72.58

While not strictly a “not-so-obvious” selection, this tech company does get easily overshadowed by guys like Microsoft and Apple . Nonetheless, Qualcomm has its fingerprints all over our smart phones: a great place to focus its expertise and manufacturing considering the transition from desktop to mobile technology. Just above $72/share.

Pentair (PNR)

PNR: $70.01

Among the least recognizable names on the list, Pentair is responsible for the pumps and valves involved in water treatment. It plans on purchasing Tyco Flow Control in the coming months/year, allowing the company to essentially double its revenue over the next 36 months. Additionally, the recuperating housing market will mean higher demand for Pentair’s services, giving its stock a nice organic boost for investors. $70/share.

Jawbone (Not Yet Traded)

With its likely public release approaching, this maker of high-tech wearable devices could attract investors on its innovation alone. While it’s not public yet, success from leading tech innovators could indicate at least marginal growth for this company’s value.

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