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Five Reasons You Want an Accountant Doing Your Taxes

Taxes: the dreaded paperwork mountain that has many of us baffled, scratching our heads and revving up the procrastination engine to avoid. Yep, it’s nearly that time of the year again, and as April nears ever so close, and at a rapid pace, most of us will be getting the calculator and bin of receipts out to do some hair pulling and number crunching. Of course, it you have a complicated return, it’s generally a wiser decision to place your trust in an experienced accountant. Here are five reasons why.


The tax code of the U.S. is thousands of pages thick. Seriously, there is not a more boring book that probably exists in the entire world. It’s all about accuracy, too. If you do not do your taxes properly they can be rejected, resulting in fines. An accountant will ensure that your return is accurate before submitting it.

Timely Filing

You are required to file on time by April 15th or you face a steep late filing penalty. Many of us procrastinate this aspect so much and for so long that we can get nailed with this fee. But if you have an accountant helping you out, your taxes will assuredly be filed on time or by extension.

Maximizing Deductions

Unless you have a degree or are a certified accountant, you probably won’t know about all of the fabulous deductions that you are entitled to. But accountants eat, breathe and sleep in deduction paradise so you don’t have to.

Audit Representation

When you file your taxes on your own, you represent yourself during any audits. When you have an accountant file your taxes, they represent you during an audit. Rest assured, you want an experienced pro explaining certain deductions should they ever come into question.

Minimizing Errors

Errors on taxes can also be attributed to accuracy. Most minor errors are corrected by the IRS and you have to sign off on them and pay up if they resulted in monies being owned. With an accountant, your tax return should be error free.


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