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Could the Next-Gen iPhones Have Been Previously Designed by Steve Jobs?

Everyone knows that there is the iPhone 5, and the forthcoming iPhone 5s, as per Apple’s two model production line standards for this popular smartphone series. However, what is little known is that Steve Jobs actually designed the iPhone 4 and 5 models, and their features and functionalities, long before his passing.

The least likely of sources is to thank for revealing this revelation. San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon claims to have obtained this information when conducting research with various makers of cell phones in Silicon Valley, according to a recent article that was posted by the San Francisco Chronicle.

“I am disheartened by what I saw as a lack of commitment toward hardware solutions to the problem, such as ‘kill switch’ for the stolen devices,” he explained in the article.

According to a spokesperson for Apple, they stated that these fail safes were not able to be added to the next two models. The reason being: the current models iPhone already been created, tested and developed by Steve Jobs himself.

Apple’s government liaison, Michael Foulkes, confirmed the information.

So does this mean that users will still have to rely upon an added downloadable application to put a kill switch on their iPhone, simply because the current two models have already been developed by Jobs?

Seemingly, this is a rather silly notion. Phone makers add and remove features all of the time to their models, before, after and even during production cycles. Is Apple simply holding out on a key feature that users really want, just so they can tout in the iPhone 6 model line?

According to the technology rumor mill, the iPhone 5s (its assumed name) is set to be unveiled at a June event, and is slated to go on sale some time during July.

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