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Top 10 Essential Tips for Buying a Home

Buying a home can seem to be quite daunting with more than a couple of key challenges to handle. It’s really tempting to either go with the home that suits your budget or you can continue with your old house. But you can demystify the process of home buying and …

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Singapore Housing Development Board Helps Citizens Get Home Loans

home loan singapore

In Singapore, an administration supported budgetary foundation Housing Development Board (HDB) is in charge of helping people get home loans. Singapore has become the third wealthiest nation of the world, and, with its populace of 5,183,700, it has also become an economic capital of the world. Streets in this nation …

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How to Sell Residential Real Estate Quickly

residential real estate

Real estate is a market where supply always outstrips demand. There might be hundreds of residential properties in your area for sale, but the number of buyers will always be less. So what could be the right way to sell a house faster? Lowering the price isn’t the only option. …

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Real Estate Auctions Are a Mind Game

Realty auctions in Australia

By Joel Meyer Auctions became a popular mode of selling a property in Australia after the passage of the 1983 Land Sale Act. This exempted auction sales from a “three day cooling period” and ensured that sellers are made liable for proving that the title to the property is good. …

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California Dreaming – Home Prices Highest in 33 Years, Realtors Say

According to a recent report by the California Association of Realtors, home prices in California are at the highest levels they’ve been in more than three decades. The report highlighted that during the month of May, the median selling price on single family residences was at an average of $417,350 …

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U.S. Confidence Increasing Thanks to Rising Home and Stock Prices

The economy in the United States is seemingly getting back on par, tit for tat. As the prices of stocks and homes soars to record levels not seen since after the recession and toxic mortgage debt fallout, people are bracing up for a healthy fiscal year. According to recent reports, …

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Feds: Recent Economic Growth Mostly Attributed to Recovering Housing Market

The Federal Reserve released a report this week stating that U.S. economic expansion remained “moderate.” The Feds attribute most of the recent economic gains to the recovering housing market. “Most districts noted increases in manufacturing activity since the previous report,” the central bank said in its Beige Book business survey, …

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Dallas’s Most Expensive Home

Platinum Series Realty recently announced the listing of 4939 Manson Court.  This exclusive 3-acre home, built by Mark Molthan and designed by architect Robbie Fusch was completed in August of 2011. The home is the most expensive listing on record with MLS in the state of Texas to date.  This …

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